Lithuania EuroJackPot Lotto & Viking Lotto

If You're tired of trying your luck with the tickets they sell in your country and you want to play the lotteries of the World, then all you have to do is log in and register in any official website specialized in the sale of lottery tickets from all over the world and select the lottery you want to play. Remember that the more you play the more chances you have to win. However, today we will be talking about what you need to know about the Lithuania lotto games and their popularity. 

The lottery that is most popular in this country is without a doubt the EuroJackPot lotto, which is celebrated throughout Europe. In other words, it is celebrated in the 18 countries of the European Union, therefore, you have to know how you can play it and how to get the winning numbers, since there are certain little tricks that players of Lithuania has always used to leave flattering with amazing prizes.

How to play the EuroJackPot lotto of Lithuania?

The rules are very easy to understand, just follow the following steps:

Be of legal age to be able to play this and the other lotteries in the world.

In the EuroJackPot lotto of Lithuania have to select 5 main numbers in the array of number from 1 to 50 and select 2 additional numbers in the array of number of 1 to 10 for each Eurojackpot ticket that you purchase. It is worth mentioning that the additional numbers or "numbers" are drawn in a different hype to the main numbers and it is possible that the 2 additional numbers are equal to the main numbers.

When playing online you have two options to play:

Select the numbers yourself

Use the quick selection

There are 12 award categories in the EuroJackPot lotto, it is for this reason that hundreds of thousands of people around the world come together each day to try their luck, because the prizes of the EuroJackPot are the most profitable of all.

The first prize in the EuroJackPot is of 10 million euros and the award is a maximum of 90 million euros.

To be the absolute winner of the jackpot you have to hit the 5 main numbers and 2 additional numbers. To be the winner of the first prize of 10 million euros you have to hit the 5 main numbers.

The lottery tickets the EuroJackPot of Lithuania you can buy online or in any window of the lottery in the major countries involved. Do not forget that in order to be able to play online, participants need to:

Open an account online with the operator in your country of residence.

Complete the registration of your account in where you have to include a verification of your age.

Add funds to your online account.

EuroJackPot tickets purchase using your account balance online.

One of the great advantages that players have today is that, can play the lottery in the country they want regardless of whether or not they live within that country, since everything can be done online in a day in which they must walk on vacation, a weekend that are resting in their homes, one day you are in the lunch hour in their work. Any day it will be opportune to play the EuroJackPot from any part of the planet.

Viking Lotto Lithuania

This is without a doubt the oldest transnational European lottery, which is drawn every Wednesday. Therefore, if you are interested in playing this lottery millennial you can do it perfectly through your mobile devices connected to any network. The shape of the Viking Lotto game is very simple and we are sure that there is no margin of error for wrong. The steps you need to take to play and win the Viking Lotto Lithuania are the following:

Be of legal age.

Register and go online to any operator in the country where you are.

Provide a copy of your identification to confirm your age.

Keep your account with funds.

Make payment of the lottery ticket of the Viking Lotto Lithuania.

Once you have completed these 5 basic steps to be able to play the lottery, the next thing you have to do is:

Select 6 main numbers in the array of numbers ranging from 1 to 48 and select 1 voucher number within the matrix of the number 1 to 8.

The prize only the player to be able to hit these 6 main numbers and the bonus number.

Another way of playing to the Viking Lotto Lithuania is playing through 6.8 and 10 betting lines or can choose the systematic way to select the main numbers.

There are many ways in which players have to play and win the Viking Lotto, the only thing you have to do is select the way that best suits them and ready.

The Viking Lotto has 8 award categories loaded with cash:

Category 1=6 hit bonus= no winner

Category 2=6 success= 79 thousand euros

Category 3=5 hit voucher number= no winner

Category 4=5 success= 700 euros

Category 5=4 hit number bonus= 1thousand euros

Category 6=4 hits= 40 euros

Category 7=3 hits €12 bonus number=

Category 8=3 hits= 6 euros

Each year this lottery increases the value of their boats because more countries are joining together to compete for the grand prize of more than 20 million euros. The awards without a doubt are very motivating for lovers of games of chance.

It should be noted that each of the players online receive the results of each draw held weekly through your emails. This means that any player online that favored with the grand prize of the lottery will be notified immediately that it is the absolute winner of the prize in the lottery of the country you play.

Today know all the details as you can play the lottery in the country you want is very simple, learn the rules of the game is also very simple, thanks to the internet, all this is possible and the information is the access that you need. It is for this reason that we are always creating new content especially for you and our users. The Lithuania lotto games are definitely worth checking out.

The Ways in Which the Powerball Annuity Work

If you just have just bought a USA Powerball lottery ticket and feel that the Lady Luck is smiling on you this day, read on. It might just be that you are in for luck and are getting to win the Jackpot amount. You can also go to to buy lottery tickets online if you have yet to purchase a ticket for the upcoming draw, for your information the jackpot for the draw today is worth $193,000,000.

However, while there can be more than one winners of the top jackpot amount, yet one can expect to win anything around $400 million approximately. That just puts you in a great position and though a few people might be sure about the way they would like to invest the money, many might not even be sure about how to cash the money. 

Those who are in the finance industry would advise you not to cash the ticket right away without consulting the professional financial advisors or tax planners. However, even otherwise, many people do not realize that there is a window of 30 days in which you can actually cash the money. 

Ways to Cash the Jackpot Amount

There are two ways to cash the jackpot amount. One way is to go for cashing out the whole amount right away. The other way is the annuity method of taking the money in installment basis.

When it comes to the second option of cashing out in annuity basis, you would get an amount in the first year, and this would go on for the next 29 years. 

Ensure that the winners do not miss on anything; they can get 5% increase on the second installment onwards. This means that they can go ahead and plan really well from there. 

What makes the annuity work for the winners is that it shall end up in giving a lot more to the winners, and it shall be a steady way of earning for those who might not be sure of what to do with so much of money at the onset. 

Easy Solution for the Lackadaisical Saving Person

Check out for the latest Powerball lottery results if you want to check your ticket for any prizes. If you do not have the habit of saving any bit of money that you earn and more so now when you have hit the jackpot, opting for this annuity program shall be ideal. People who take the lump sum might actually not foresee the big slab of tax that they might end up paying. 

The USA Powerball Lottery is a great dream for everyone and with the Annuity Certain plan, the lottery winners can remain assured that the entire jackpot money would definitely go to him in 30 installments. This is reassuring and is very much a necessity since people might plan to buy estates from this annuity and may have expenses based on this annuity amount. 

What happens if the jackpot winner does not live for the next thirty years? If so, the money would continue to go to his or her estate or be redirected to the following surviving heir. That is to say, the Lady Luck which smiled on a person one fine day, giving him the amazing jackpot win, shall also be doing the same to the entire family for the next thirty years.

Different Ways to Participate in the Lottery

For generations, lotteries have been played all over the globe. They have existed in different forms, titles and shapes, but the premise has mostly been the same. In simple terms, lottery involves you choosing numbers and buying a lottery ticket. Then, you wait for the draw where a series of numbers are picked randomly to select the winner of the prize. These days, the prizes are worth millions so you have the chance to win a fortune. The advent of the internet has only helped the lottery world in expanding in regard to popularity and has also opened up new avenues of playing, experiencing and winning.
Innovation has brought on new changes in the way you play the lottery nowadays and a lot of options have opened up. Some of the new ones are outlined below:
Concierge Services
Thanks to the internet, industries now have the opportunity of reaching a global audience by connecting people all over the globe. Before online lottery was introduced, people only had the option of playing the lottery in its country of operation. Thus, if you want to play the US Powerball, you have to be a resident of the United States. But, online lottery has changed all that and concierge services enable you to play the lottery from other countries too. Concierge services are not about selling or reselling; they buy and hold lottery tickets on behalf of other people and if they win, they simply distribute the winnings to those who couldn’t buy the tickets in person. They don’t take any commission, but do charge a handling fee.
Lottery Betting
Most people already consider lottery as a gamble, but bookies and punters have added to this element by introducing lottery betting. This means that players can bet on what numbers will win the lottery jackpot. They can place bets and when the announcement is made, it is actually the bookies and not the lottery who rewards the players who were able to predict the winning numbers. The question is, why would you want to bet on the winning numbers when you can just play the chosen numbers? You can do both and increase your potential winnings.
Lotteries have really long odds so not everyone wants to play them. If you still want to play, you can join a syndicate and improve your odds of winning the lottery. This is a group of people who pool in their money and buy the tickets collectively. They are in agreement that the prizes will be distributed evenly or in the ratio the money was contributed. Since you can buy a huge number of tickets, your odds improve automatically and this is what you want.
Mobile Apps
‘Buy and Scan’ apps have become really popular nowadays due to widespread mobile use. These apps are designed to scan lottery tickets, store the numbers and then send you a notification when you have won. This saves a lot of time and effort and you don’t miss out on your jackpot either.  

Top Lottery Winners who Lost Everything

Lotteries are played all over the world and people do emerge as winners, but it is tough to say if all of the wins are happy endings. There have been numerous reports about tragedies that have befallen lottery winners later in their life. Given that there are a number of national lotteries all over the world and 44 state lotteries in the United States, there are probably hundreds of winners who have taken home $1 million and more and managed them sensibly. However, it is also the truth that there are winners that end up losing their money very quickly.

The following are the worst real-life tragedies that have been faced by some lottery winners:

Lisa Arcand

In 2004, Lisa Arcand won the Massachusetts lottery worth $1 million. Like most winners, she bought a house for herself and went on vacation. But after taxes, even one million is not much and she decided to open a restaurant to create a source of income. The restaurant was a failure and in a couple of years, Lisa ran out of money.

Gerald Muswagon

A jackpot of $10 million was claimed by Gerald Muswagon in 1998 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He turned his new house into a ‘party pad’ and also bought cars for his friends and family. Eventually, he also ran out of money and had to take up a minimum-wage job for supporting his girlfriend and six children. Seven years after winning big, Gerald took his own life in 2005.

Michael Carroll

He worked as a garbage man in England and in 2002, when he was just 19 years old, Michael Carroll won £9.7 million or $14.4 million at that time. The money was spent on drugs, a mansion and gold jewelry. Carroll was broke in 2012 and was surviving on unemployment checks. Now, he is earning £400 by doing a job at a slaughterhouse.

Willie Hurt

The Michigan lottery in 1989 made Willie Hurt a million as he won $3.1 million, but it didn’t last very long. In only two years, Hurt ended up destroying his marriage, lost custody of his children and was also charged for attempted murder. According to his attorney, most of Hurt’s money was spent on drugs and divorce.

Billie Bob Harrell Jr.

He quit his job at Home Depot of stocking shelves in 1997 when the Lotto Texas game made Billie Bob Harrell Jr. the winner of $31 million. He lent some money to friends, donated money to the church and bought a few homes and a ranch. Everyone wanted a piece of his winnings and he ended up spending or lending his money, which also put his marriage in trouble. Less than two years after winning the lottery, Billie Bob took his own life in 1999.

Janite Lee

In 1993, Janite Lee won a sum of $18 million. According to some reports, the annual costs of her gambling habit were approximately $300,000. But, she spent even more on political and charitable donations. Due to her generosity, she even donated $1 million to the Washington University for building a new library and ended up filing for bankruptcy in 2001.

Sharon Tirabassi

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Sharon Tirabassi came out the winner in 2004 and took home $10.5 million. She took her friends for vacations in Florida, Cancun, California, Las Vegas and the Caribbean. Sharon got married and purchased a house valued at $515,000. However, she decided not to make the payments in cash and took out a mortgage of $360,000. She gave away millions of dollars to her friends and family and purchased various cars including one that cost $200,000. Half of her winnings were gone by 2007 and by 2008, Tribassi lost her home and her husband was in jail due to a DUI. Now, she travels by bus to her part-time job for paying her rent and supporting her kids.

Suzanne Mullins

The Virginia lottery in 1993 made Suzanne Millins a millionaire with a jackpot of $4.2 million. She split the money with her husband and after tax-payments of $47,778, she was supposed to receive 20 annually. But, Suzanne borrowed some money from a company that gives loans to lottery winners because money was tight. The rules of the lottery changed in 2000 and she was able to get her money altogether. Instead of paying back what she owed, she spent all her money. According to a court ruling in 2004, Suzanne still owed the lender $154,147.

Denise Rossi

In 1996, Denise Rossi was able to take home $1.3 million thanks to the California lottery. Rather than disclosing her win to her husband of 25 years, she asked for a divorce and said she wanted it done quickly. Her husband later found out about her decision and sued her. It was determined by a judge in 1999 that she had violated asset disclosure laws and had to give her ex every penny of her winnings.

Alex Toth

The Florida lottery jackpot of $13 million was taken home by Alex Toth in 1990. For a few years, he lived rather well, but eventually he went broke. He ended up splitting from his wife, spent some time in a mental institution and also got into trouble for not filing accurate tax returns. He was able to avoid a trial over his tax fraud charges because he died in 2008 at the age of 60.

David Lee Edwards

While he was living in his parents’ basement and unemployed, David Lee Edwards won the Powerball jackpot worth $280 million with three other people. His share of the jackpot, after taxes, was about $27 million. He spent $1 million on a fleet of cars, bought a house for $600,000, a jet that cost $1.9 million, a fiber-optics installation company for $4.5 million, a watch costing $78,000 and 200 swords and other medieval weapons. He also married a woman who was 19 years his junior. He had spent $12 million in just one year and lost the house to foreclosure. His wife was arrested for a boyfriend-stabbing and he died in 2013.       

The Best Countries for Buying Lottery Tickets

While winning the lottery is deemed to be completely random, but if you take a look at the statistics, there are some countries that seem to fare better than others. You can improve your chances of winning if you know which countries offer you the best chance of doing so. It is also important to remember that it is not just pure chances that a high percentage of lottery winners are from some countries. There are other factors that contribute to the success rate such as countries that conduct lottery games frequently, countries and websites offering lottery tickets at low prices, countries that have holiday specials and countries with a bigger population because they all affect the odds, sizes and wins.

Thanks to the internet, you are no longer confined to playing the lottery in your own country because you can buy lottery tickets online for any game, anywhere. Listed below are some of the best countries where you can buy lottery tickets for leveraging the highest wins, best odds and cheapest tickets:


The EuroMillions lottery is something to be tried out if you are from France or Spain. 83 of the biggest jackpot winners of the EuroMillions were from France and overall, 23.4% EuroMillions jackpot winners hail from the country. Spaniards are also quite close as 22.5% of all EuroMillions jackpot winners are from Spain and it has 80 of the highest jackpot winners. The UK and Portugal are in third and fourth place. However, the 3 largest EuroMillions jackpots that were given out were distributed to a Portuguese participant and 2 UK players. 


There are 16 countries that participate in the Eurojackpots lottery, but the highest percentage of winners hail from Germany, which is about 45.7%. But, it is a relatively new introduction in the lottery world. With 10 winners or 28.6% of the total, Finland is on second place with Denmark and Slovenia on the third and fourth spot. But, the biggest winner of the EuroJackpot was an anonymous Czech citizen in 2015 who won 90 million Euro. 

MegaMillions and Powerball 

The Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries have been dominated by Americans in the last five years. They are the best options for anyone playing in the US. Amongst the 24 highest lottery wins, 13 were from the Powerball. Even if the price is smaller, the chances of winning at Powerball are higher than MegaMillions as 3 of 13 highest jackpots were higher than $1 billion. Moreover, with the new multiplier option, you can also give your odds of winning a boost. 

El Gordo 

Amongst the various lottery games, the highest prize pool is that of El Gordo. While this lottery is drawn in Spain, it has players from about 140 countries. While a Senegalese man claimed a prize of 400,000 euros in 2016 at Christmas, most of the prizes are claimed by the Spaniards because of the popularity of El Gordo around Christmas time. 

It is easy to see that some lotteries have better odds in some countries as opposed to others and you can try your luck to win.

Top 10 Best Lottery Games of the World

The lottery is a popular game that all depends on numbers and your luck. Based on winning odds and lucky guesses, lotto games are a source of hopes and dreams of thousands of people all around the world. Any time the jackpot gets very high, a large number of people rush to buy lottery tickets online and offline while making plans of what they would do if they managed to win. But, which lottery games should you play? There are a wide array of games played all over the world and sometimes it can be difficult to choose one. Listed below are the top 10 lottery games of the world in terms of the prizes they distribute: 

US Mega Millions 

The American lotteries offer the top prizes in the world, especially Mega Millions and Powerball, which have become the two lotto giants in the US. Mega Millions’ earned a lot of popularity when it distributed the second largest prize in the history of the lottery. The prize was won on two tickets and was about $648 million. In addition, the world record of the highest lottery is also recorded under the same name, which was around $656 million. It was won in March 2012 on three tickets. 

US Powerball 

This is the second largest American lottery and it gained a name in January 2012 when it decided to choose the rules of the game. The new rules meant that the jackpot was now double, the guess range had gotten smaller and the Power Play was now a fixed multiplier that could double the second prize of the Powerball to $2 million. 


In the list of European lotto games, EuroMillions is an undisputed leader as this multinational game reunites the lottery organizations of different countries such as Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Luxembourg, Spain, France, Switzerland and Portugal. Some top prizes are offered by EuroMillions and they can go as high as €190 million. Moreover, sometimes the multinational lotto game also conducts some special draws, which are called the EuroMillions Superdraw where the jackpot reaches the height of €100 million, regardless of the amount of the previous draw. 

EuroMillions UK 

The UK version is also based on the classic EuroMillions lottery game, but it adds some additional excitement because the draw also comprises of a raffle. There is a code in the EuroMillions ticket that can be a winner if it matches one of the respective draw. Every winning code gives the owner of the ticket €1 million. The special draws of the EuroMillions UK means extracting several of these codes and can even make 100 millionaires in a single night. 

Loteria de Navidad 

This lottery happens only once a year and it is actually a raffle. The best thing about Loteria de Navidad is that its total prize is about €2.24 billion. This is one of the reasons it has gotten popular and was also integrated into the Christmas traditions in Spain where people purchase the lottery tickets as a present on the holiday. 


This is the youngest lottery in Europe, but it is becoming popular gradually. As a matter of fact, there are countries where it has gained more popularity than EuroMillions. It is the leading lottery in Europe because it has more countries participating in it. A total of 14 countries play are part of the Eurojackpot, which are The Netherlands, Croatia, Iceland, Slovenia, Estonia, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway and Italy. The tickets of the lottery are sold in lotto kiosks. 

Powerball Australia 

Powerball Australia is a champion in its own country and it is an easy-to-play game because it follows the format of the popular US Powerball. However, the jackpots of the Australian game cannot be compared with the ones distributed by the American lottery, but so can’t the winning odds. While the prizes don’t go higher than AU$80 million, the chances to win the Australian Powerball jackpot are much higher as compared to the American version because you are not playing against 175 million odds. 

La Primitiva Spain 

During 2013, the Spanish lottery La Primitiva began to gain a lot of momentum. The draws of the lottery are conducted on a weekly basis on Thursdays and Saturdays and they are regarded as important events because their jackpots managed to reach some record levels. In 2005, the jackpot was approximately €24.92 million, in 2007 it was about €26 million, in 2013 it was €32 million and in the same year, it went as high as €6.6 million. 

Loteria National Monthly Raffles 

Lotteries are a very popular game in Spain and the Spanish National Lottery is fully aware of this fact. This is one of the reasons it offers a variety of monthly raffles and interesting games that can make people multi-millionaires and also make contributions to specific causes such as the national Library, Red Cross and plenty others. 


When talking about the 10 best lottery games in the world, a spot definitely has to be given to the Italians. Italy has a very renowned lottery game, which is called the SuperEnalotto. The jackpot of the game grows slowly over months until it reaches really high levels. The most noticeable mega SuperEnalotto jackpot was given out in 2013 and it was worth noting because it resulted in 57 people coming out as jackpot winners. 

These are the top 10 best lottery games that are played in different parts of the world. Anyone who is interested in participating in a lottery should give any one of them a try. You can opt for a particular lottery depending on your preferences i.e. whether you are looking for a higher jackpot or better odds of winning. With online lottery games, you can be in one country and still participate in lottery games in other countries and enjoy various other benefits that were previously not available when you played the lottery in the traditional way.

Top Crazy Stories of Some Lottery Winners

Winning the lottery is a dream come true for many. Thousands of people all over the world dream about hitting it big and raking in millions, but only some people are lucky enough to win it. While it would definitely be a great thing, there are also some people who are not interested in participating in lottery games because of the horrible stories that circulate about the lives of lottery winners after they got the millions. Discussed here are some of the craziest stories you will come across about some lottery winners:
Frank Selak, ‘The World’s Unluckiest or Luckiest Man Alive’ 

Born in Croatia in 1929, it would be very easy to consider Frank Selak as the unluckiest man alive. He was a music teacher, but he became notorious for his ability of avoiding fatal accidents. Mr. Selak was traveling across Europe by train from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik in 1962. The train suddenly derailed and dove into an almost-frozen river. 17 passengers died in the accident, but Selak only suffered from some minor injuries. Next year, Selak was traveling by airplane from Zagreb to Rijeka when the cockpit’s door busted open and the passengers were forced out of the plane. 19 people lost their lives, but Selak was able to escape with only minor bruises and scrapes as he had miraculously landed in a pile of hay.

A couple of years later, Selak was riding a bus in 1966 that got involved in a crash and plunged into the river. As you might have guessed, Selak came out of the accident with no major injuries, but 4 people died in the process. He was driving his car in 1970 when a bad fuel pump caused it to burst into flames. Another one of his cars caught fire three years later, but Frank Selak only had some hairs singed off. He had only minor injuries after being hit by a bus in 1995. In 1996, in order to avoid a head-on collision with a truck, Selak had to drive off a cliff, but he managed to escape and landed in a tree from where he watched his car burst into flames hundreds of feet below. 

The man survived all these major disasters and purchased a lottery ticket in Croatia that won him a cool $1 million in 2003. Even though Doritos wanted to make a commercial with him, Frank has refused to fly to Australia. About his luck, he says that he can either be seen as the luckiest or unluckiest man in the world.
Carl Atwood gets hit by a truck 

73-year old Carl Atwood became the winner of the Indian lottery in 2004 when he claimed the prize worth $73,450. Only a few hours after the drawing was released on television, Mr. Atwood was hit by a truck and he succumbed to his injuries in a hospital in Indianapolis on the same day. It came to light that Atwood had been on his way to the lottery store from where he had bought his lottery ticket in order to get his winnings, but the unsuspecting man was hit by a pick-up truck that had just rounded the corner. The grocery store had only been a block away from Atwood’s house. He had been wearing dark clothing at that time and was crossing an unlighted section when he was hit.
Arnim Ramdass didn’t tell his wife 

In 2007, Arnim Ramdass began to act rather strangely and this made his wife, Donna Campbell, suspicious about him. He had disconnected their phone and also kept all the televisions off. Campbell became downright alarmed when she found a postcard that had information about a new home bought by Ramdass. As a result, she Googled her husband’s name and discovered that he had won a lottery jackpot worth $10.2 million. Along with 17 of his fellow airline mechanics, Ramdass had won the Florida lottery and they had divided their winnings. 

Due to the large number of winners, everyone got a sum worth $600,000 before tax. Ramdass’s coworkers revealed that he had taken a leave of absence after winning the lottery. Campbell had even more questioned when it seemed that her husband had up and run with his lotto winnings. She took the matter to court to get her share of the winnings, but the judge ruled in favor of Ramdass. To this day, the man cannot be found and Campbell is still trying to file for divorce. 

Derek Ladner got double winnings 

A married couple was able to get a double lottery win all due to the forgetfulness of an old man. In 2007, the six regular numbers were drawn by Derek and Dawn Ladner who had purchased the tickets through Camelot, the lottery operator. The jackpot was about £2.3 million and the couple was excited to share their winnings with three other people, which meant an equal amount of £479, 142 between the five players. Luckily, Derek Ladner remember that he had bought a ticket for his wife with the exact same numbers and for the same drawing. 

This meant that two shares of the five in the jackpot of July 11, 2007 belonged to Mr. Ladner and it doubled his winnings as he received £958, 284. According to a spokesperson, this was the first time any player had won double in the same Camelot draw. The other players would have lost about £120,000 each due to his forgetfulness. If he hadn’t purchased the ticket, the reward would have been split four ways rather than five. 

Timothy O-Brien committed suicide 

In 1995, Timothy O-Brien committed suicide by shooting himself in the head because he thought that his five-week lottery ticket for the Nation Lottery in Britain had expired before a draw that would have made him a millionaire. It later turned out that even if Timothy’s ticket was valid, he wouldn’t have gotten millions because only four of the six numbers were matched by his ticket. Thus, he would have gotten £47 instead of the £3.2 million he had assumed.