Top 10 Best Lottery Games of the World

The lottery is a popular game that all depends on numbers and your luck. Based on winning odds and lucky guesses, lotto games are a source of hopes and dreams of thousands of people all around the world. Any time the jackpot gets very high, a large number of people rush to buy lottery tickets online and offline while making plans of what they would do if they managed to win. But, which lottery games should you play? There are a wide array of games played all over the world and sometimes it can be difficult to choose one. Listed below are the top 10 lottery games of the world in terms of the prizes they distribute: 

US Mega Millions 

The American lotteries offer the top prizes in the world, especially Mega Millions and Powerball, which have become the two lotto giants in the US. Mega Millions’ earned a lot of popularity when it distributed the second largest prize in the history of the lottery. The prize was won on two tickets and was about $648 million. In addition, the world record of the highest lottery is also recorded under the same name, which was around $656 million. It was won in March 2012 on three tickets. 

US Powerball 

This is the second largest American lottery and it gained a name in January 2012 when it decided to choose the rules of the game. The new rules meant that the jackpot was now double, the guess range had gotten smaller and the Power Play was now a fixed multiplier that could double the second prize of the Powerball to $2 million. 


In the list of European lotto games, EuroMillions is an undisputed leader as this multinational game reunites the lottery organizations of different countries such as Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Luxembourg, Spain, France, Switzerland and Portugal. Some top prizes are offered by EuroMillions and they can go as high as €190 million. Moreover, sometimes the multinational lotto game also conducts some special draws, which are called the EuroMillions Superdraw where the jackpot reaches the height of €100 million, regardless of the amount of the previous draw. 

EuroMillions UK 

The UK version is also based on the classic EuroMillions lottery game, but it adds some additional excitement because the draw also comprises of a raffle. There is a code in the EuroMillions ticket that can be a winner if it matches one of the respective draw. Every winning code gives the owner of the ticket €1 million. The special draws of the EuroMillions UK means extracting several of these codes and can even make 100 millionaires in a single night. 

Loteria de Navidad 

This lottery happens only once a year and it is actually a raffle. The best thing about Loteria de Navidad is that its total prize is about €2.24 billion. This is one of the reasons it has gotten popular and was also integrated into the Christmas traditions in Spain where people purchase the lottery tickets as a present on the holiday. 


This is the youngest lottery in Europe, but it is becoming popular gradually. As a matter of fact, there are countries where it has gained more popularity than EuroMillions. It is the leading lottery in Europe because it has more countries participating in it. A total of 14 countries play are part of the Eurojackpot, which are The Netherlands, Croatia, Iceland, Slovenia, Estonia, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway and Italy. The tickets of the lottery are sold in lotto kiosks. 

Powerball Australia 

Powerball Australia is a champion in its own country and it is an easy-to-play game because it follows the format of the popular US Powerball. However, the jackpots of the Australian game cannot be compared with the ones distributed by the American lottery, but so can’t the winning odds. While the prizes don’t go higher than AU$80 million, the chances to win the Australian Powerball jackpot are much higher as compared to the American version because you are not playing against 175 million odds. 

La Primitiva Spain 

During 2013, the Spanish lottery La Primitiva began to gain a lot of momentum. The draws of the lottery are conducted on a weekly basis on Thursdays and Saturdays and they are regarded as important events because their jackpots managed to reach some record levels. In 2005, the jackpot was approximately €24.92 million, in 2007 it was about €26 million, in 2013 it was €32 million and in the same year, it went as high as €6.6 million. 

Loteria National Monthly Raffles 

Lotteries are a very popular game in Spain and the Spanish National Lottery is fully aware of this fact. This is one of the reasons it offers a variety of monthly raffles and interesting games that can make people multi-millionaires and also make contributions to specific causes such as the national Library, Red Cross and plenty others. 


When talking about the 10 best lottery games in the world, a spot definitely has to be given to the Italians. Italy has a very renowned lottery game, which is called the SuperEnalotto. The jackpot of the game grows slowly over months until it reaches really high levels. The most noticeable mega SuperEnalotto jackpot was given out in 2013 and it was worth noting because it resulted in 57 people coming out as jackpot winners. 

These are the top 10 best lottery games that are played in different parts of the world. Anyone who is interested in participating in a lottery should give any one of them a try. You can opt for a particular lottery depending on your preferences i.e. whether you are looking for a higher jackpot or better odds of winning. With online lottery games, you can be in one country and still participate in lottery games in other countries and enjoy various other benefits that were previously not available when you played the lottery in the traditional way.