Top Crazy Stories of Some Lottery Winners

Winning the lottery is a dream come true for many. Thousands of people all over the world dream about hitting it big and raking in millions, but only some people are lucky enough to win it. While it would definitely be a great thing, there are also some people who are not interested in participating in lottery games because of the horrible stories that circulate about the lives of lottery winners after they got the millions. Discussed here are some of the craziest stories you will come across about some lottery winners:
Frank Selak, ‘The World’s Unluckiest or Luckiest Man Alive’ 

Born in Croatia in 1929, it would be very easy to consider Frank Selak as the unluckiest man alive. He was a music teacher, but he became notorious for his ability of avoiding fatal accidents. Mr. Selak was traveling across Europe by train from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik in 1962. The train suddenly derailed and dove into an almost-frozen river. 17 passengers died in the accident, but Selak only suffered from some minor injuries. Next year, Selak was traveling by airplane from Zagreb to Rijeka when the cockpit’s door busted open and the passengers were forced out of the plane. 19 people lost their lives, but Selak was able to escape with only minor bruises and scrapes as he had miraculously landed in a pile of hay.

A couple of years later, Selak was riding a bus in 1966 that got involved in a crash and plunged into the river. As you might have guessed, Selak came out of the accident with no major injuries, but 4 people died in the process. He was driving his car in 1970 when a bad fuel pump caused it to burst into flames. Another one of his cars caught fire three years later, but Frank Selak only had some hairs singed off. He had only minor injuries after being hit by a bus in 1995. In 1996, in order to avoid a head-on collision with a truck, Selak had to drive off a cliff, but he managed to escape and landed in a tree from where he watched his car burst into flames hundreds of feet below. 

The man survived all these major disasters and purchased a lottery ticket in Croatia that won him a cool $1 million in 2003. Even though Doritos wanted to make a commercial with him, Frank has refused to fly to Australia. About his luck, he says that he can either be seen as the luckiest or unluckiest man in the world.
Carl Atwood gets hit by a truck 

73-year old Carl Atwood became the winner of the Indian lottery in 2004 when he claimed the prize worth $73,450. Only a few hours after the drawing was released on television, Mr. Atwood was hit by a truck and he succumbed to his injuries in a hospital in Indianapolis on the same day. It came to light that Atwood had been on his way to the lottery store from where he had bought his lottery ticket in order to get his winnings, but the unsuspecting man was hit by a pick-up truck that had just rounded the corner. The grocery store had only been a block away from Atwood’s house. He had been wearing dark clothing at that time and was crossing an unlighted section when he was hit.
Arnim Ramdass didn’t tell his wife 

In 2007, Arnim Ramdass began to act rather strangely and this made his wife, Donna Campbell, suspicious about him. He had disconnected their phone and also kept all the televisions off. Campbell became downright alarmed when she found a postcard that had information about a new home bought by Ramdass. As a result, she Googled her husband’s name and discovered that he had won a lottery jackpot worth $10.2 million. Along with 17 of his fellow airline mechanics, Ramdass had won the Florida lottery and they had divided their winnings. 

Due to the large number of winners, everyone got a sum worth $600,000 before tax. Ramdass’s coworkers revealed that he had taken a leave of absence after winning the lottery. Campbell had even more questioned when it seemed that her husband had up and run with his lotto winnings. She took the matter to court to get her share of the winnings, but the judge ruled in favor of Ramdass. To this day, the man cannot be found and Campbell is still trying to file for divorce. 

Derek Ladner got double winnings 

A married couple was able to get a double lottery win all due to the forgetfulness of an old man. In 2007, the six regular numbers were drawn by Derek and Dawn Ladner who had purchased the tickets through Camelot, the lottery operator. The jackpot was about £2.3 million and the couple was excited to share their winnings with three other people, which meant an equal amount of £479, 142 between the five players. Luckily, Derek Ladner remember that he had bought a ticket for his wife with the exact same numbers and for the same drawing. 

This meant that two shares of the five in the jackpot of July 11, 2007 belonged to Mr. Ladner and it doubled his winnings as he received £958, 284. According to a spokesperson, this was the first time any player had won double in the same Camelot draw. The other players would have lost about £120,000 each due to his forgetfulness. If he hadn’t purchased the ticket, the reward would have been split four ways rather than five. 

Timothy O-Brien committed suicide 

In 1995, Timothy O-Brien committed suicide by shooting himself in the head because he thought that his five-week lottery ticket for the Nation Lottery in Britain had expired before a draw that would have made him a millionaire. It later turned out that even if Timothy’s ticket was valid, he wouldn’t have gotten millions because only four of the six numbers were matched by his ticket. Thus, he would have gotten £47 instead of the £3.2 million he had assumed.